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2017 Update

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2016/17 Season

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August 2016.

Time to stand down and hand over to a new committee.
Malcolm Norris has now retired and wishes the CLUB and the new committee well for the future.


2015/16 Season update

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We kick off the new season with four teams .


Team 1 Captain Martin Nash. 07917 692392  [email protected] Prem Div. Hertford


Team 2 Captain Richard fellows. 0208 3630991 [email protected] Div 1 Hert


Team 3 Captain Jack Callaghan 01992 446239 [email protected] Div 2 Hertford

Team 4 Captain Irina Booth 07733 279220 [email protected] Div 2 Cheshunt


Good luck to all teams, and trust we have another succesful year.



2014-15 New season.

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We kick off the new season with three teams again .

Team 1 Captain Martin Nash.  01992 622659  [email protected] Prem Div.

Team 2 Captain Richard fellows.  0208 3630991   [email protected] Div 1

Team 3 Captain Mike Collins   01992 463169   [email protected] Div 2

Good luck to all teams, and trust we have another succesful year.

BTTA Poster

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September 2013 Newsletter

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The new 1013 /14 season has now started and we look forward to another great year for BTTA.

At our AGM on Sept. 9th the new committee were elected with additional people taking on key rolls in the club. We welcome our new hon. secretary Denise, new hon. treasurer Julie and new hon. Membership secretary Richard. We thank Dennis Shaw for his past work as he is now standing down. Also thanks to Ken who is staying on as Subs collector, and all other committee members remaining the same.


Dave Langham, with assistance from Mark Jarvis who are now both UKCC Level 2 coaches have taken over the running of the Junior Academy. Malcolm is also staying on for this season.

We were pleased with the junior attendance levels during the past year and trust that numbers will continue to be sustained.

The teams had a good 2012 /13 season. The first team coming a very close second in the Hertford Premier Div. plus runners up in the handicap cup and winning the Premier Div. Knock out Cup. The second team finished a commendable equal third on points in the 1st Div. Maintaining their position in Div. 1 was an achievement after promotion the year before for the 3rd team. The 3rd team continues in Div.2 now captained by Mike Collins.

Member’s attendance at Monday club nights also continue to grow.

We shall be pleased to welcome new players, both junior and senior to our 8 table venue at Grundy Park on Mondays. For details visit

Malcolm Norris, Chairman.


AUGUST 2012 Newsletter

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BTTA have had another very successful season.

The Junior Academy sessions have progressed well, with playing standards improving constantly. Several players are now jointly being coached at BATTS Harlow where they have more coaching sessions, split into different standard groups, which is a facility that we are unable to offer at present.

We were able to instigate a new tournament, in conjunction with BATTS. The title was "Grassroots" which enabled players of little or no tournament play experience to participate. 14 members of our academy took part, thoroughly enjoyed the day, and achieved top rate results. Alex Weller was one of only two players who remained undefeated. Commemorative medals were presented to all players rather than Gold, Silver and Bronze, which emphasized the importance of participation rather than winning for this event. We hope to repeat this event soon.

The highlight of the year was our Broxbourne team reaching the semi finals in the Herts Youth Games. We came fourth, which was our best result, since winning four years ago. We just missed third place by loosing to a strong North Herts team, having already beaten them in the group stage.

All three Grundy Park adult teams also faired well in another competitive season. G.P.1 won the Hertford League Premier Div. for the first time, mainly due to our new players Dave Langham and Paul Whellams. G.P.2 finished in a commendable third place in Div.1 and G.P.3 not only won the Div 2 trophy, but also the knock out Cup final. Adult membership has also continued to grow, and we shall be entering a fourth team for the coming season, playing in the Cheshunt 2nd Div.



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Breaking news. The ETTA has now awarded us Premier Club Clubmark 2 star. Another rung up on our ladder of success.

Junior Academy kicks off this week. John Warner Friday 13th Jan. and Grundy Park Monday 16th. Session again will be 4pm warm up for 4.30 to 5.30 instruction and play.

The 5.30 to 7pm is temporarally suspended until numbers increase.  Competition play will be

increased this year, so watch this space.

The Senior Grundy Park Club is fast growing in numbers and playing standard. Our first team is leading the Hertford League Premier Division, and the second and third teams are both lying very close second in their respetive divisions. An excellent start for the first half of the season.


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Today BTTA has gained  ETTA Premier Club Clubmark Accreditation.

This is the culmination of months of hard work and acheivement.

Chairman, Malcolm Norris.

Join Us!

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New 2012-13 Junior Sessions

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Hello to all current, and potential newcomers for our new training sessions.


Weekly coaching will begin at Grundy Park commencing, Monday 10th September 2012 and John Warner on Friday 14th September 2012.

Beginners session time is 4.30 to 5.30pm but you will be able to arrive at 4pm for a warm up.

 Advanced session time is 5.30 to 7pm.

The cost this year will be £4 per session if paid weekly or £36 advance membership for a 12 week block booking, equal to a £12 saving.


We look forward to seeing you. :)



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August 2011.

The 2010/11 season was very successful with attendance figures increasing both in the adult Monday evening Grundy Park Club and also junior attendance at both Grundy and John Warner training sessions.

Both of our senior teams faired well in their respective divisions in the Hertford League, The first team finishing fifth in the Premier although only missed third place behind Hoddesdon and Cheshunt by a whisker.

The second team in Div 1 came an excellent second, and also were runners up id the handicap cup. Some of our juniors represented the B of B in the Hertfordshire youth games and finished 7th on the day, again only a few points behind 1st and second place scores. Also a few of our juniors have now moved on to higher levels at BATTS Harlow and some have now been selected for regional training.

Our chairman and head coach Malcolm was nominated for the 2011 Coach of the year at the sports awards in the Borough of Broxbourne but did not receive the final accolade. Although he did not know he was also short listed for the 2011 long term Service to Sport Award, and was delighted to receive the trophy.

This is a fine feather in the cap for BTTA and should bode well for our future development.

Much work and planning has been done during the quieter summer months to prepare for exciting new developments which will start in September 2011.

At Grundy we have secured a much larger playing area in order to be able to add a third match team, also to accommodate the growing numbers and potentially more visitors to the adult club.

On the junior front we shall be adding a third coaching session, a double session at Grundy and a continuation of the John Warner group. Again we would like to see our juniors attaining higher levels and soon playing in junior league tournaments and matches.

The new playing area will allow potentially eight tables to be used for normal play and practice, or six tables within barriers (32 now on order) to facilitate six official match play areas.

Playing time will also increase so that we are able to commence junior coaching at 4pm through till 7pm when the adult session starts earlier than before, enabling juniors and helping adults to have practice time together.

Matches will then be able to start at the more normal time of 7.30pm as all other clubs do.

All of this development will obviously require additional funding some of which to have be born by our members and visitors, plus numerous other funding sources which are currently in the pipeline. Although not yet all secured funds in excess of £6000 have been applied for and we are still working on other potential avenues. Members help will be appreciated in this.

As mentioned some time ago, another development in T T within the B of B

could eventually see some of our neighbouring T T clubs joining with us in the sharing of facilities and funding. Grundy Park have agreed in principle that this could be achieved and further talks will be held to pursue this idea.

Eventually Grundy could become a centre of excellence for a number of clubs running throughout the whole week.

The committee meeting later this month will see the culmination of 18 months of accreditations and paper work, which will enable us to gain our

ETTA Club Mark Award.

This award is not handed out easily, and it is a great achievement for BTTA and also a benefit to Grundy Park to have a club with such credentials as part of its portfolio.

All of the above achievements present us in high esteem when outside organisations or sponsors consider our appeals, so we look forward now to a successful year ahead.

JULY 2011

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Much has happened since my last report, so this should bring things up to date.


Junior coaching at both Grundy and John Warner have progressed well throughout this year, but we would like to see more children participating. The programme is open to all school children within the Borough of Broxbourne, over 40 schools. So we should be achieving better attendance. Come and join us, it's great fun and good for your health.

Some of our Academy players formed part of the Herts Youth Games B of Broxbourne squad in June this year, and although a relatively young team, did very well to achieve 7th place. We are targetting top 3 for next year.


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The senior section of the BROXBOURNE  T T ACADEMY was formed from players attending GRUNDY PARK LEISURE CLUB and has played in the Hertford T T League for three years now.

In our first season 2007-8 we won the Hertford second division Cup.

We grew, and were able to enter two teams in the 2008-9 season and were fortunate to win both the first division cup, and the second team the second division cup.

The 2009-10 season after such rapid success and promotion, has proved much tougher for us.

The first team, now playing in the Premier Division finishing a comendable third, and the second team a valiant fourth in the first division.

We will always welcome new members. You will find us at Grundy Park Leisure Centre, Cheshunt Herts. Mondays 8pm to 11pm. 








 Back row left to right; second team, STEVE CHILTON, GRAHAM SMITH, RICHARD FELLOWS (Captain.)     first team DENNIS SHAW, and front row ROY JAGER and MALCOLM NORRIS (Captain.) 






April 1st 2010

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Our first photo shoot  took place at Grundy Park on Monday March 22nd 2010.

We are endebted to local photographer Mike Cliff who took a large series of great action pictures which will be used to promote the Academy.


Our new £1000 robot ball feeder has arrived.

This is a valuable teaching aid which will rapidly improve our players skills and consistent play.

We are grateful for the Borough of Broxbourne's Herts County Councilors, Alan Searing and Dave Hewitt, who have both contributed to our funding so far.

The equipment will be set up at Grundy Park Sports Centre ready for our next training sessions which will start on Monday April 26th 2010.

Spring News

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Broxbourne Table Tennis Academy started coaching youngsters aged 8 to 16yrs in September 2009. Based at two venues, Mondays Grundy Park Sports Centre Cheshunt and Fridays John Warner Sports Centre.


Starting with just 10 players, we have rapidly managed to build participation levels, and we now have over 30 children enjoying participation and improving their skills.


The coaching team is:

Malcolm Norris  ETTA Level 3 + UKCC2

Dave Langham   ETTA UKCC1

All coaches used are current CRB checked, and conform to best coaching and safety practice.


We are currently in the process of extending our area to include Ware and Hertford with a probable addition of another 30 players, and will need to build our coaching team.



The administration, development and working toward Clubmark accreditation will require more volunteers to join our team. We therefore hope that help from other TT clubs within our area will soon be forthcoming. Also help from parents will be welcome. It is vitally important that we all work together to build our pyramid base in order to continue and improve.